Iced Sugar Cookies

I want to make pretty sugar cookies. I want them to taste good. I have been reading about sugar cookies on the interwebs for an ungodly amount of time and today I did it. I have done roll out sugar cookies a few times before. The yucky part about making them is that you get worn out before the fun part- the decorating part. THIS is the very best roll out sugar cookie recipe I have ever used. It comes together quickly. You roll it BEFORE you chill it and you only have to chill it an hour. AND, and, they taste really good. Important. Paul is going to Vegas tomorrow and I needed a theme so I went with hearts and playing cards colors. I used THIS recipe… I’m not sure if I’ll try another one next time. Mine didn’t dry hard this time. Its most likely my fault. It tastes good though. Then, as I was looking thru recipes online for ideas, I saw THIS recipe from Shutterbean. Decorating-wise we made almost the same cookie. I just found this comical because I sat on my kitchen floor for 20 minutes trying to think of how to give a stab at icing and I came up with my version, just to find hers later the same day.

**I have to amend this.  My icing DID dry, I just did not exercise enough patience.  Woh woh.**

***Also, these cookies got BETTER the next day.  Perfect for making ahead***

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